Clash of interest doctrine zooming to peak in appointments on important posts

Islamabad, July 20 (Online): Amid the clash of interests during the course of inductions on important slots, ANGRO Director Asim Murtaza Khan has been appointed as chairman Pakistan  LNG Terminals Limited  as well under the directives of  Razzaq Dawood, advisor to Prime Minister (PM) on trade.

Sources said Asim Murtaza Khan is not only  director in ANGRO  but also he receives robust perks and privileges as director ANGRO.

On the other hand  ANGRO has a vital role in LNG import for ANGRO and terminals. Asim Murtaza Khan has been appointed as chairman Pakistan LNG Terminal Limited to afford them monetary benefit.

Sources said Razz Dawood  had recommended his name for the post of chairman. He has earlier played his role in award of contract to his son to export necessary equipment  for containment of coronavirus epidemic.

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