Cleric Aziz-ur-Rehman arrested in sexual assault case

Lahore, 20th June: Police have arrested Mufti Aziz-ur-Rehman in case of sexual assault charges.

Baaghi TV: The religious leader Mufti Aziz-ur-Rehman has been arrested by Lahore police from Mianwali, a district in Punjab.

Earlier, police sources said that several raids have been carried out in different parts of the city to arrest the accused.

A few days ago, a vulgar video of Mufti Aziz-ur-Rehman sexually abusing a student in his madrassa went viral on social media.

Lahore Police had registered a case against Mufti Aziz-ur-Rehman after a video of his alleged misconduct with a madrassa student went viral.

The police informed that the accused managed to escape while his mobile phone was monitored at various places inside Lahore but he was not present anywhere.
However, later the police got hold of him and arrested him from  Mianwali.

It should be noted that a madrassa student named Sabir Shah had accused Mufti Aziz-ur-Rehman of sexually abusing him. A video was made that went viral, after which people had demanded severe punishment for the cleric.

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