CM announces Shan-e-Rhmatul-lil-Aalmeen (PBUH) week observance every year

LAHORE, Nov 03 (APP):Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar has stressed that every Muslim has tremendous emotional attachment with Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) and all Muslims give it priority over everything.

Addressing a press conference at his office on Tuesday, he emphasised that the West must understand that Muslims could sacrifice their lives, but any disrespect to the great personality of Holy Prophet (PBUH) was intolerable in any manner. It was regrettable that abhorrent attempts had been made in Denmark, Norway and other countries to play with the sentiments of the Muslims, he said. Students were forcibly shown blasphemous caricatures in the garb of freedom of expression in France and this was, indeed, an evil attempt to hurt the feeling of the Muslims around the world, the CM added.

He emphasised that nefarious attempts made in the garb of freedom of expression were totally intolerable and the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government strongly condemned such profane cartoons in the strongest possible words.

The chief minister demanded the United Nations to immediately put a worldwide ban to all such blasphemous attempts about the Holy Prophet (PBUH) as well as other prophets of God. “I am deeply saddened by this despicable attempt,” he stressed. If anyone was upset over questioning, the genuineness of holocaust, then why the emotions of 1.75 billion Muslims were hurt, again and again, he asked. He stressed the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and other bodies to proactively respond to it so that no one could dare repeat it.

The CM announced that the government had decided to officially celebrate Shan-e-Rehmatul-lil-Aalmeen (PBUH) Week in Rabiul Awal every year. Starting from Naatia Mushaira at Alhamra Lahore, different celebrations, including mehfil-e-sama and international Ulema & Mashaikh conference, will be held this week to illustrate the glorious character of Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), he added.

Similarly, declamation contests would also be held at different level every year. During the week, Naat Khwani and Qawwali mahafil would also be held at district, divisional and provincial level, he said.

The CM announced Rehmatul-lil-Aalmeen Scholarship with an initial grant of Rs 500 million, adding that half the amount would be utilised for giving stipends to position-holders while rest of the money would be utilised to given Rehmatul-lil-Aalmeen Scholarships to the needy matriculate students for further studies. This fund would be increased every year, he added.

Meanwhile, the scholarships would be given for conducting research on Seerat-un-Nabi (PBUH) in world-class universities, he said. Islamic calligraphy competitions would be held and documentaries would be aired at electronic and social media platforms with English and French subtitles to highlight the blessed life of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), he said.

The CM said that Shan-e-Rehmetul-lil-Aalmeen (PBUH) Week would be celebrated with religious fervour every year and committees would be constituted. Provincial Minister Saeed-ul-Hassan Shah, Special Assistant for Information Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan and others would be included in ministerial committee, while a secretariat level committee would also be constituted, he added. The celebrations would start from next week and schedule would be announced, he said.

To a question, the CM said that journalists would be given good news about Sehat Insaf Cards and further stated, in response to another question, that he regularly meets with assembly members and also held a meeting with Azhar Abbas Chandia MPA the other day.

Provincial Minister Saeed-ul-Hassan Shah, Special Assistant Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan, Additional Chief Secretary (Local Government) and Secretary Information were also present.

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