‘Cold weather, smog causing cold, cough problems’

LAHORE, Dec 4 (APP):Cold weather coupled with sudden rise in smog and pollution is causing cough and cold problems among people of all ages.

This was stated by Dr Khalid Hussain of ENT department of Services Hospital in an exclusive talk with APP here on Wednesday.

Besides change in weather, smoke emitting vehicles and large number motorbikes on roads was the major cause of pollution in the city, he said.

He disclosed the allergic factor of blossoming of flowers in November and December also played role in creating problems of cough and cold.

He advised those who have allergic problems keep themselves away from smelling flowers.

When asked about the preventive measures, he advised the people to wear mask, cover body properly with warm clothes and use helmet while riding motorbikes.

He said the traffic police should launch a challan spree against smoke emitting vehicles.

He stressed the need for switching over zigzag technology for kilns.

He advised the people to contact doctor instead of self-medication and avoid quacks.

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