Colombian Farmers Enter Guinness Book For Growing World’s Heaviest Mango

The mango season is on its way in and with it begins a time of the year when the lovers of the succulent, aromatic fruit relish them. A basket of the fruit is considered a gesture of friendship. And it is so popular that people often keep looking for the best and the biggest of these fruits. Possibly to address this demand of mango lovers, two Colombian farmers have grown the world’s heaviest mango and entered the books of the Guinness World Records this year.

At 4.25kg (9.36 lb), the impressive mango grown by German Orlando Novoa Barrera and Reina Maria Marroqun in Colombia’s Guayat area easily outweighs its peers and surpasses the previous record (3.435 kg) held by a mango found in the Philippines since 2009, the Guinness World Records said on its website.

German said that their aim was to show to the world that people in Columbia are “humble, hardworking” who cultivate their land with love, which produces great fruits. He added, “This gives a message of hope and joy for our people in times of a pandemic.” He dedicated the award to the people of Guayata and the “love for nature that our parents passed down to us”.

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