Committed to transparent and peaceful elections: Chief Election Commissioner

Gilgit, 15th November: 700,000 voters are deciding their future today and are committed to transparent and peaceful elections in Gilgit-Baltistan today.

Baaghi TV: All political parties have been given adequate time for the election campaign. Notices were also issued for violating the code of conduct by the Chief Election Commissioner and meetings and rallies were strictly banned after the night of November 13.

These views were expressed by Chief Election Commissioner Raja Shahbaz Khan during a briefing at the Police Election Cell. He said that police rangers and FC personnel from all the four provinces have come for the first time to perform their duties in the GB elections, which has given a good image.

Raja Shahbaz Khan further said that the security and other arrangements made by the GB Team during the elections are commendable and we will all be serving in our mission.

IGP Dr Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Khan on the occasion said that as per the instructions of the Chief Election Commissioner, the GB Police with the help of its comrades GB Scouts and officials from other provinces and the administration to conduct clean and transparent and peaceful elections.

He said that earlier DIG Headquarters Afzal Mehmood Butt had given a briefing on the security arrangements made by the GB police for the elections.

 At the end of the briefing, Chief of Police Dr Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Khan presented a copy of the final election security plan to Chief Election Commissioner Raja Shahbaz Khan.

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