Complainant must be kept anonymous in child abuse cases: Senator Faisal Javed

ISLAMABAD, Dec 9 (APP):Senator Faisal Javed Monday suggested the need to keep the complainant anonymous in child abuse cases to encourage the parents to come forward for assistance which they avoid due to stigma attached with the issue.

He was talking to senate standing committee on Information Technology that met here with Senator Rubina Khalid in the chair to get briefing by National Response Centre for Cyber Crime (NR3C) on filming and uploading the video of child abuses on Dark web with reference to recent case reported from Rawat, Rawalpindi.

Senator Faisal Javed said that ‘Zainab Alert Bill’ that had been prepared by Ministry of Law and Justice and Ministry of Human Rights had been going back and forth and could not get passed through the senate standing committee on Human Rights.

Senator Faisal said that PPP Chairman Bilawal Zardari chaired the senate committee on Human Rights.
“Bilawal should not delay the bill which covers the lapses regarding witness laws and rape victims along with IT solutions for the cases”, he added.

He said parents of the victim were silenced by giving money which needed to be changed as it encouraged the criminals in such cases. Senator Rubina Khalid said these escalating issues of child abuse were becoming the menace to the children.

“I have also met with the chairman of Islamic Ideology Council regarding this issue”, she added.
Another such incident happened in Mansehra where the victim, a 7 years old girl, was molested and thrown into the pit where she was alive for two days.

“We should be raising our voice for these incidents. A JIT must be formed on the issue as it risks the future of our children”, she added. She stressed the need to take stern action to combat such incident as they were becoming toxic threat to the social fabric and children’s future and mental health was on stake.

Briefing the house in detail on the Rawat case, Rawalpindi Police officials told that the accused in Rawat Case, 46 years old male namely Sohail Ayaz, was a Chartered Accountant by profession. He has been traveling across 9 countries and working with many international organizations as an accountant. He also had links with ‘Romanian Child Pornography Ring’.

The police officials informed the house that he had served 4 years in UK prison after being convicted for child pornography. “He used to lure in young boys of age 8-15 years, mostly street vendors selling eggs or Qehwa, by offering them money or jobs and used to intoxicate them through Hash and Ice.”

The PTA officials told the house that websites of 830,000 children have been blocked by PTA but the more site they block, the more other sites pop up after some time. “All the video regarding child pornography are still there in Dark Web but it is out of PTA’s domain for now as we can only operate about the cases within Pakistan”, they added.

Committee expressed its displeasure over the long standing issue of pensions of retired PTCL employees. House also recommended that Supreme Court judgment regarding the pensioners should be implemented in letter and spirit.

The committee meeting was attended by the Senators Abdul Rehman Malik, Rubina Kahlid, Fasial Javed, Rukhsana Zuberi Molana Abdul Ghafoor Haidri and officials from FIA, PTA, Rawalpindi Police Department and ministry of Information Technology.

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