Conservation International and Goldman Sachs partner with Apple for its “Restore Fund”

San Francisco, April 16 2021: In a statement made to the press, Lisa Jackson, Apple’s VP for Environment, policy and social initiatives, announced the company’s intention to invest $200million in a project for timber-producing commercial forestry. The company intends to use forests to draw in Carbon from the air and stop it from contributing to climate change.

The purpose of the project is to minimize carbon footprint by removing the elements from the atmosphere while also generating financial returns. The project aims to have measurable carbon impacts by driving broad change initiatives and encourages investment in carbon removal.This announcement comes after Apple last year announced its intent to become carbon neutral by 2030.

The goal of the fund is to remove one million metric tons of carbon dioxide annually from the atmosphere, equivalent to what 200,000 passenger vehicles produce. The California-based technology giant said its goal was to have no climate impact for all its devices sold.

According to Conservation International chef executive M. Sanjayan,  “As the world faces the global threat climate change presents, we need innovative new approaches that can dramatically reduce emissions.”

In a separate initiative to drive home the impact of climate change, Google unveiled a time-lapse feature to its Google Earth service that provides a satellite view of the world. The new feature is based on tens of millions of satellite images from the past 37 years to enable users to see in rich detail how the face of the planet has changed. Google said in a blog post, “Visual evidence can cut to the core of the debate in a way that words cannot and communicate complex issues to everyone.”

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