Construction of Ram temple, blatant violation of international norms: Pakistan

NEW YORK, Sep 12 (Online): Pakistan ambassador in UN Munir Akram has said ongoing construction of Ram temple in place of historical Babri mosque in India is blatant violation of international norms.

Addressing Pakistan culture of peace forum here Akram said Pakistan supports UN plan for safeguarding religious sites.

He alarmed of the threat posed by ruling Janta Party in India and RSS extremists for ruining hundreds of mosques and historical sacred places of Muslims in India.

He underlined that destruction of Islamic cultural centres and demographic change in Occupied Kashmir is a sheer breach of Geneva Convention and international rules.

He remarked world has made headway towards world order based on human values instead of use of force during the last 75 years. World  order and global peace are now facing immense threats.

He regretted that UN principles are being defied openly and the spread and gravity of conflicts is being compounded.

He outlined that corona virus has widened distance among humanity rather than narrowing it . It has shown  differences and division among them.

He  deplored that disparity is increasing among the nations.

Citing to Quaid-e-Azam vision he said taking guidance from this vision Pakistan has always upheld norms of justice and peace.

He pointed out that Pakistan in collaboration with Philippine presents a resolution in UN General Assembly every year for promoting interfaith harmony, intra cultural debate and peace.

He observed that governance of state of Medina which was characterized by the norms of equality, justice, tolerance and peace stands unparalleled and ideal in the  history. It laid foundation of golden time of Islam in Arab, Spain and South Asia where the peace was established on the norms of tolerance and cooperation.

He said Pakistan built the largest Gurdawara of  the world for Sikh Yatris in Kartarpura. Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan opened this corridor between Pakistan and  India last year.

UN General secretary has declared this corridor a corridor of peace, he added.

He stressed that international community should demonstrate political commitment for promotion of culture of peace among the nations.

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