Controversial Saudi TV series ‘Umm Haroon’ comes under fire

Saudi Arabia being criticized by Palestinians for airing the drama Umm Haroon, since the first of Ramadan.

Baaghi TV: According to a foreign news agency, Al Jazeera Network aired a report on Fatima Turki, a female journalist, in which she criticized the Saudi channel MBC. Turki claimed in her report that, two dramas which were recently aired on MBC during Ramadan, Umm Haroon and Mukhrij 7, also known as ‘Exit 7’, are promoting the normalization of Arab relations with Israel.

Umm Haroon has been airing on the Dubai-based Saudi TV network MBC since the first of Ramadan. The play seeks to normalize Saudi-Israeli relations. While sympathizing with the Zionist state and criticizing the Palestinians, they have highlighted the positive identity of the Jews.

Palestinians claim that the drama series Umm Haroon deliberately distorts many historical facts and under the guise of trying to influence the minds and thoughts of the Arab people, especially the Gulf people.

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement spokesman, Musab al-Baram, condemned the controversial drama, calling it a “historic blow” to all Arabs and Muslims, and said that Saudi Arabia seemed to have deviated from all its moral principles.

Salma Marouf, head of the Gaza Strip’s government press office, criticized the drama Umm Haroon, saying such broadcasts reflected a change in Arab attitudes toward Palestinian goals.

Speaking to Turkish news agency Anatolia, Hamas spokesman Hazem Qasim criticized the drama, said that TV dramas should express the people and their views and not promote any particular ideology. Israel is a threat and always will be the first enemy of the Arabs.

Al Jazeera Network Qatar-based journalist, Fatima Turki, compared the drama from Saudi Arabia to the Turkish drama Ertugrul Ghazi and said that Pakistani Prime Minister, Imran Khan, had directed that the drama be dubbed in Urdu and broadcast in Ramadan. In order to teach about Islamic history and identity and to uphold the values ​​that are being destroyed by Hollywood and Bollywood. On the other hand, Israeli friendship is being promoted through Saudi TV.

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