Corona virus in chicken, the truth revealed

Lahore (5th June, 2020): Corona virus in chicken? The reality behind the issue has been revealed.

According to reports, Pakistan Poultry Association, Poultry Arhats Association Rawalpindi, Poultry Research Institute Rawalpindi and Ministry of National Food Security and Research have termed the rumors, circulating on social media regarding coronavirus in chicken, as baseless.

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They have stated that chicken currently sold in Pakistan is completely useful and hygienic. Chicken meat is suitable and healthy for human consumption.

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According to sources, in this regard, the Chairman of Pakistan Poultry Association, Dr. Muhammad Aslam, has termed the reports spread on social media about the presence of corona virus in chicken (broiler chicken) as misleading and said that the post(s) in which citizens have been advised not to use chicken for the next 60 days, is completely absurd. He added that it is a pack of lies and fabrications.

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He said that poultry is an excellent sector in Pakistan and that the poultry industry has a huge role to play in the national economy. he said that investors in the poultry industry, despite providing employment and business opportunities, are also paying huge sums of money to the government in the form of taxes.

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On the other hand, Malik Ghazanfar, President Poultry Arhats Association Rawalpindi, Qazi Zahid Mehmood Awan, Secretary General and Raja Munir, while negating the presence of Corona virus in chicken meat, said that thousands of live chickens are traded in the chicken market every day.

He added that God forbid, if the baseless propaganda on social media is true, then it is the poultry trade and the loaders working in the markets who will be the first to be affected.

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He said that those who spread such negative propaganda on social media should fear God. Chicken meat is halal and thousands of people depend on this business for their livelihood. He also demanded from the government and concerned agencies to take immediate action against those who spread this baseless propaganda on social media. Meanwhile, the Ministry of National Food Security and Research has also denied the news on social media.

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Dr. Muhammad Khurshid, Commissioner Animal Husbandry, Commissioner National Food Security and Research, Federal Ministry, Dr. Abdul Rehman, Director, Poultry Research Institute, Rawalpindi, while describing the chicken as beneficial , said that the chicken does not contain any virus including corona virus.

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“It’s not possible on a scientific basis, so don’t pay attention to the gossip and false news on social media,” he said. No confirmed report of corona virus found in chicken in Pakistan. The public should chicken and not believe false news.

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On the other hand, the Punjab government has also clarified that this notification is fake and the Punjab government has nothing to do with it.

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