Corona virus infects more than 38 million people worldwide

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Baaghi TV: The global pandemic corona virus has infected about 38.81 million people worldwide and killed 1,097,706.

The number of people having recovered from Corona has risen to 29,154,587 meanwhile, there are 8,549,032 active cases.

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The United States is the number one country infected with the corona virus. Where 221,850 people have lost their lives, and 8,150,383 were diagnosed with corona virus.

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India ranks second in the world due to corona cases, with more than 7.39 million people diagnosed with the corona virus and 111,337 deaths reported. Brazil ranks third among the countries affected by corona. Where, more than 5,141,000 people were affected and 1 ,051,779 deaths occurred.

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In Russia, more than 1.354 million people have been infected with the corona virus, and the total death toll has risen to 23,491. More than 337,000 people have been affected in Spain, while 33,413 have lost their lives. In Argentina, more than 931,000 people have been affected and 24,921 have died.

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Colombia is the fifth most affected country by the corona virus. While 28,306 deaths have been reported, more than 930,000 cases have been reported. In Peru, 856,951 people have been affected, and 35,511 have died.

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The first death from Corona was reported on January 11, 2020 in China. On April 9, the total death toll from Corona rose to 100,000. The first 100,000 deaths from Corona were reported in the first 89 days.

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On April 24 this year, the death toll from Corona reached 200,000 and for one to two lakh deaths, it took only 10 days. As of May 13, 300,000 deaths had been registered worldwide, and it took 19 days for the death toll to reach from 2 to 3 lakh deaths.

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