Coronavirus 2nd Wave: PM Khan bans meetings, processions

Following the outbreak of the second wave of the global coronavirus epidemic in the country, the government has decided to ban rallies and processions in the country, while a maximum of 300 people are allowed to gather at an open-air wedding ceremony.

Briefing the media in Islamabad, Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan said that SOPs in mosques, factories and shops would have to be followed while the final decision on closure of schools will be taken a week later.

The government has decided to ban all types of public gatherings and processions that is not related to business activities while weddings will be only allowed in outside spaces that too with a limit of maximum 300 people.

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According to the details, PM Imran Khan has said that coronavirus cases have quadrupled in ten days. If care is not taken, hospitals will be filled with patients. He said that if care was not taken, it was feared that the hospitals would be filled with patients, God willing, the situation would not get worse.

“The virus is more dangerous than ever, and if we are careful now, we can stop it. The time has come for everyone to take precautions in the days to come, and at the same time we have to save our economy,” said the Prime Minister.

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Furthermore, PM Khan said that India has not yet emerged from the economic crisis due to the lockdown, we should not close factories and shops at all but should abide by SOP in business.

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