Coronavirus found in imported shrimp

China, 10th July: Some samples of imported shrimp have tested positive for the coronavirus in China.

According to reports, China said samples of imported shrimp tested positive for the coronavirus, raising questions again over whether the pathogen can spread through food or frozen products.

China’s General Administration of Customs informed that the virus tested positive for both the inside and outside the packaging. The samples were from three Ecuadorian plants, and imports from those processors will be halted, it said.

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“The test result doesn’t mean the virus is contagious but reflects the loopholes in companies’ food safety regulations,” said Bi Kexin, director of the food import and export safety bureau in the customs department. “Customs will further strengthen control of the origins of imported cold-chain food.”

China’s customs authorities also tested a total of 227,934 samples and the rest of the samples were negative, it said. The shrimps that tested positive were delivered to ports in Dalian and Xiamen and have been destroyed, it said.

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Last month, China pointed to imported salmon as a possible carrier for Beijing’s fresh COVID-19 outbreak and boycotted the fish. China began mass testing of cold food imports at ports and blocked the shipments from meat plants abroad.

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