Coronavirus: Lockdown in Punjab to tighten and extend

Lahore, 7th April: With the spike in the coronavirus patients in the Punjab Province, the government has announced to further extend the lockdown till the 30th of April.

According to reports of Baaghi TV, the lockdown in Punjab will become more stringent, and it will be expanded till the end of April, the decision has been made by the government in accordance to the report given by the Chinese team of experts that arrived from China.


In order to contain the spread of coronavirus in Lahore, it has been decided to tighten the lockdown under section 144 and extend the deadline to April 30.

Sources said that the report presented by the law enforcement agencies, secret teams and Chinese experts to the PM Pakistan and the CM Punjab, have separately said that in the next few days the virus cases could be even more severe.

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The most vulnerable city is Lahore so far, so the lockdown across Punjab, particularly Lahore, should not be eliminated or softened.

The timings of the markets and shops should not be extended and SOPs should be strictly adhered to in the context of pre-existing lockdowns and the lockdown period should be extended for the next 28 days.

A separate report presented by law enforcement branches, the secret agencies, including Chinese experts, also indicated that full corona kits should be provided to police officers and personnel at the blockade during a lockdown. Complete precautions should be followed.

Chlorine should be sprayed at important intersections including major cities, market places and shops. The movement and distance of citizens should be ensured. Strict execution of the SOPs should be strictly observed in mosques, especially in regard to Friday prayers.

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Sources say that after the reports submitted by Chinese experts and the law enforcement agencies, the Chief Minister Punjab has decided to extend the lockdown period after consultation with Prime Minister Pakistan.


However, reports by Chinese experts and Special Branch suggest that lockdown should be extended for a further 28 days and that lockdown should be tightened for six hours on a daily basis during which citizens should not be allowed to enter the streets, markets and shops.

Experts have also stated in their report that successful lockdown could help curb the outbreak of Corona epidemic. In this regard, Lahore Police Chief Zulfiqar Hameed said that out of 250 blockades in the city, including the interior and exterior routes of Lahore, 100 of the barriers were changed to A category, which will be monitored by the respective SDPOs themselves while the division’s SSPs will also visit the roadblocks and submit a report.

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Similarly, 50 blockades have been subdivided into B category and the remaining have been divided into C category for which police officers, personnel have been alerted and provided by the corona kits and other precautions according to the categories.

Responsibilities have been entrusted to the Pak Army and military personnel are also stationed at the check posts at 100 locations in the A-category, including the police commandos.

Lockdown from today will be tightened for six hours on a daily basis, with the timings of markets, and shops in accordance with the set SOPs. It is ordered to take legal action the violation of the lockdown under section 144.

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