Coronavirus: SBP to disinfect and quarantine currency notes

Lahore, 26th March: The State Bank of Pakistan has issued instructions to all the banks in the country to keep the currency notes in quarantine, after the spike in the coronavirus cases in Pakistan.

According to the reports of Baaghi TV, State Bank has issued orders to keep the currency notes in isolation to control the spread of the virus through the notes. Banks have been cautioned to use the currency notes received especially from the hospitals.

According to the State Bank of Pakistan, keeping notes in quarantine means that such notes should be properly packed and then sprayed on them, sealed and kept aside for some time. Banks will have to notify the State Bank of Pakistan about the notes to be kept in quarantine, which in turn will print new notes and hand them over to these banks.

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The State Bank has also asked the banks to take precautionary measures on the notes deposited in the banks from the hospital accounts.

Earlier, the State Bank of Pakistan issued directives to all banks on the dangers of the coronavirus, saying that through the currency notes there is a risk of spreading the virus, therefore ensuring that the currency notes are sterile and virus free.

۔Instructions from the State Bank stated that branches of all banks would remain open in the country, however, all bank branches should start work at 10 am and will close at 4:30 pm. If a bank has a retail indication, close the branch immediately and notify the State Bank upon closing the branch. There should be no disruption to the cash facility through ATM, and no disruption to the online facility.

On the other hand, according to the National Command and Control Center presented the latest coronavirus toll has reached up to 1,102 in Pakistan.

Baaghi TV urges you to play your part as a responsible citizen by staying at home to ensure the safety of yourself, your loved ones and the community.

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