Corruption in the name of Coronavirus: Mustafa Kamal

Chairman Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP), Mustafa Kamal, has said that corruption is taking place in the name of Coronavirus, people would starve to death if there were no welfare institutes.

According to reports of Baaghi TV, PSP Chairman, Mustafa Kamal has said that corruption is taking place in the name of Coronavirus.

Addressing a press conference in Hyderabad, Kamal said that twelve years of corruption has gone back and forth. Will welfare claimants tell where to distribute aid worth billions of rupees? God forbid if the Coronavirus strain from the United Stated and Italy were to come to Pakistan, our leaders would not even be seen. Even today, if there are no welfare institutions, the people will starve to death. Welfare is the responsibility of the government: Mustafa Kamal.

According to reports of Baaghi TV, President SP Anis Qaim Khani and other officials were also present at the occasion.

Mustafa Kamal further said that the police is mistreating citizens in the name of coronavirus, forcing even the elderly to stand in rooster position in the street, or taking air out of car tires. They will do such things when they take jobs by paying bribes. If all this is happening without the directions of the IG Police and the Chief Minister, then the police officials should be severely punished for their unjust actions.

Kamal said that the Chief Minister and IG Sindh should order control of the situation across the province.

Mustafa Kamal further said that all the nations of the world have come to the same page, if anything has not changed it is politics but that also, only in Pakistan. There are reports that a deal is being struck to feed industries in Sindh, other sectors will want the same. Things are likely to be out of control, if this happens it will be a conspiracy to destroy Pakistan. The solution to these conditions is to make all political parties and government departments united in such a way as if the army agreed on a public school, and terrorism was defeated.

Kamal added that the government needs to develop a unified strategy for each sector of the country.

Mustafa Kamal further said that the Sindh government says that they distributed packages worth billions of rupees, but it is not known who distributed them. There is corruption in the name of aid, one rupee is precious at present, their old performance has come to light, there is no medicine for dog bite in Sindh. Seven million children are out of schools in Sindh, all institutions in Sindh have been devoured.

The federal government is not coming out of its shell, the whole of the blame is on the public who choose these people to run the state administration. What would be a greater punishment than we are positive? The Negative-Coronavirus patient is walking around with two reports? At the moment, MQM is missing. Mayor of MQM UC is nowhere to be seen. A fake drug is being given to kill the dog, which causes the dog to die.

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