Country’s second largest dam completely filled after five years

Mangla: The country’s second largest dam was completely filled after 5 years. Mangla Dam runs out of capacity to store more water. Preparations for emergency measures as their is fear of disaster.

According to details, the level of Mangla Dam has been steadily rising due to recent rains. According to media reports, the country’s second largest dam at Mangla has been completely filled with water.

According to WAPDA Mangla Flood Casting, the water level in Mangla Dam was recorded at 1239 feet which is among the most dangerous levels. Yesterday, the inflow of water in Mangla Dam was recorded at 25,000 cusecs while the outflow from the dam was recorded at 4,800 cusecs.

In order to avoid the current situation and any emergency situation, a water relay of up to 100,000 cusecs can be released from Mangla Dam in the next 48 hours, which is raising fears of moderate flooding in Mangla Dam.

A meeting of the concerned authorities has been called to deal with the emergency situation after which a plan of action will be worked out on the water situation in the dam. According to sources, discharge of water from the dam could start at any time in the next 48 hours, raising fears of moderate flooding in the Jhelum River. The flood situation is likely to affect populated areas.

It should be noted that stormy monsoon rains are continuing in most parts of the country at present. The worst affected areas are Karachi and Chitral. The Hub Dam near Karachi was also completely filled after 13 years. In Karachi, all records of maximum rainfall were broken in one day. Karachi has received 230 mm of rain in just one day.

Meanwhile, the NDMA had issued an alert yesterday that there was a danger of flooding in all major rivers of the country. It should be noted that this year it was predicted that there would be more rains than expected during the monsoon season.

PMD warns of flooding in Tarbela, Mangla dam

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