Court proceedings in Bhoja airlines crash

1 June, 2021:  There has been an inclusion of murder clause in FIR against Bhoja Airlines owner. The court is hearing case of dismissal of charges against Bhoja Airlines owner Farooq Omar Bhoja. The court dismissed the petition seeking dismissal of the charges against the owner of Bhoja Airlines. The court heard 4 different petitions together. The hearing was conducted by Justice Amir Farooq of Islamabad High Court. The Bhoja Airlines plane crashed on the outskirts of Islamabad.

The crash killed 127 people, including the crew. No case can be filed against Bhoja Airlines owner according to the defendant’s lawyer. The trial court had ordered registration of a case under section 321, the on behalf of the victims said. After one FIR was registered, another was also registered, the lawyer Omar Adam Advocate appeared in court on behalf of the victims.

On behalf of the victim’s family, Sardar Kainaf appeared in court with his lawyer. According to the report of the commission, Bhoja Airlines is responsible for the incident, said Omar Adam Advocate. He appealed to Justice Amir Farooq to ensure justice. Justice Amir Farooq’s question to the investigating officer of the police whether section 302 is made or not Yes, that’s right you can now become known as a Police Investigating Officer. After accepting the petition, the trial proceeded to the Sessions Court

The court disposed of the two clubbed petitions with orders. The next hearing will be on the inclusion of a murder charge against the owner of Bhoja Airlines, the court said The court adjourned the hearing till June 23.

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