Court rejects Uzma Gul’s petition against Mubasher Lucman

Court rejects Uzma Gul's petition against Mubasher Lucman I Baaghi TV

RAWALPINDI: General Hameed Gul’s daughter, Uzma Gul’s petition against Mubasher Lucman was rejected by the court in Rawalpindi on Saturday. According to Baaghi TV reports, the court dismissed all allegations against the senior journalist as baseless. 

Judge Muhammad Afzal Majoke ruled the verdict with additional sessions finally rejecting the petition filed by Uzma Gul. The court also rejected the claim for damages in the defamation case.

It may be recalled that Uzma Gul had sent a legal notice to the well-known anchor person Mubasher Lucman for doing a program about her. Uzma Gul had sent legal notices worth a total of Rs. 1 billion backed by her husband, Wing Commander (retd) Yousaf Gul. Separate notices of Rs. 50 crore were sent to them.

Mubasher Lucman talks about injustices

It is to be noted that a few days ago, senior anchor person Mubasher Lucman discussed about a property of the late General (retd) Hameed Gul in his show. The government vacated the base and turned it into a quarantine center. Upon this, Uzma Gul had placed a stay order.

Government officials forcibly evacuated the base and set up a quarantine center there. On bringing up this topic in his show, Mubasher Lucman was accused by Uzma Gul of making “untrue” and “fabricated” statements. She sent a legal notice against him, claiming contempt.

It may be recalled that senior journalist, Mubasher Lucman, after a thorough investigation into the case, had said that Uzma Gul’s husband Yousaf, who is General Hameed Gul’s son-in-law and has also served in the Air Force, was also Nawaz Sharif’s IDC at one time. According to him, either Yousaf Sahib left the Air Force himself or he was released from the Air Force.

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Presenting the facts in his show, Mubasher Lucman said that some illegal activities were taking place on alleged property of General Hameed and after the spread of COVID-19, the government needed space in Rawalpindi to set up a quarantine center. Meanwhile, Uzma Gul claims that the land was legally owned by the government. She also said that some people are trying to mudsling and accuse General Hameed of committing things he never did.

She filed a defamation lawsuit against the senior journalist which was rejected by the court today.

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