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COVID-19: Abbott Laboratories ship tests across US

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Abbott Laboratories reportedly ships approximately 566,000 “rapid” molecular test kits for to be used for Coronavirus across United States. 

According to reports, Abbott Laboratories which is known for its test kits has shipped the tests across all states in the United States. Reportedly, the ID NOW COVID-19 tests can help to deliver “positive results” in minutes from as early as five minutes and “negative results” in thirteen minutes, as per sources.

It is to be noted that the test which has been praised by drugstore chains and the US President, Donald Trump, is also considered acceptable as “emergency use authorization” by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). According to reports, the tests can be used in office labs as well as nursing homes to help detect the Coronavirus strain in a matter of minutes.

Abbott officials said in a statement, “Through Saturday, April 11, we have shipped 566,000 of our rapid ID NOW tests to all 50 states”. They added that most of the tests had been sent to hotspots of the cirus outbreak across the US such as Washington as they simultaneously work to manufacture 50,000 tests per day. Abbott further added, that they plan to increase their manufacturing capacity to an approximate 2 million tests per months.

It is to be noted that due to the alarming rise in death toll following the outbreak in the US, the healthcare system in the country is considered to be far behind to many other especially pertaining to the availability of tests.

Apart from its production of the ID NOW tests, Abbott is also known for Freestyle Libre, which is its blood glucose monitoring system.

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