Covid-19 and our collective future

Decades of enmity, loss of hundred thousand people in war and cross border attacks, living in such a hostile environment with a shared belief that any minor event can trigger a nuclear war between both heavily militarized countries at any moment, our generations have already suffered from unwise and polarized decisions which were imposed from both sides of borders.

Even we cannot hope to resolve bilateral issues between both countries by the west or any superpower that can play a role in mediation. Every nation has its interests. Hypocritically on one side, these countries like the United States, France, and Russia are claiming for protective of peace in the world, and on the other side, they are selling deadly weapons to every rivalry countries like India and Pakistan which results in escalating tension. One of the most bitter reality is that we have been fooling for decades from elites class of politicians, bureaucrats, opportunistic and pressure groups on both sides who are trying to stage every possible mean to escalate tension and hatred. Both countries have to sit, and candidly dialogue on Jammu and Kashmir issue until to reach a respective and accepted solution for Kashmiris, Pakistanis, and India.

Transforming this rivalry and enmity into a productive, mature, and friendly relationship is quite difficult but not impossible otherwise their consequences would be a great human tragedy. Pakistan and India both are nuclear powers, both countries used hundreds of billions each year to maintain the deterrence, unfortunately, both countries cannot provide the handful of health care facilities for their citizens, even both countries have tasted missiles in the past few days which costs millions of dollars but how these weapons can be used to save the life of people? Are these missiles are capable to produce oxygen? No, absolutely not! People are suffering from a lack of oxygen and they are dying. Are these are our priorities? Covid has changed the world in enormous aspects.

Millions of peoples have lost their lives and other are suffering. The third wave is more dangerous and even a major portion of the world was not ready to cope with the magnitude of it. Every life is precious irrespective of color, caste, creed, and nationality and we are losing lives on both sides of the border. India has crossed 16 million confirmed cases, hundred thousand cases are increasing on daily basis, their health system is overwhelmed, numerous people have died waiting outside the hospital due to shortage of oxygen, event there is a long queue of families waiting to perform a funeral for their lost love ones.

In Pakistan, the number of positive cases is increasing day by day. There is great pressure on major hospitals of cities, we are facing a shortage of vaccines. What pandemic forced us and we have to learn that there is a great need for cooperation between different nations, there is an urgent need for humanitarian diplomacy rather than political. We have to revise our domestic, economic, and foreign policies. For God’s sake, take the advantage of this and dilute your differences. Spend money on health, food, literacy, unemployment and eliminate poverty rather than invest in weapons. If you want to see there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. It’s a time that we need to focus on our collective future.


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