COVID-19: ‘Baaghi’ PIA pilots putting lives at risk

Pakistan International Airlines or deserters and murderers in the making? How should they be dealt with?


Do you know who are they?

They are the Pakistan International Airline (PIA) pilots who were assured every safety according to International Standards of Safety against coronavirus. Unfortunately, they have refused to fly the most critical flights meant to either bring back overseas Pakistanis or carry essential cargo & other emergency purpose amid worst crisis of our country.

We strongly recommend that PIA should not get blackmailed by these traitors. Entire Pakistan must socially boycott these pilots.

PIA pilots tested positive with the coronavirus

PIA should hire jobless pilots from Saudi Airlines, Airblue, Shaheen Airlines and also seek help from pilots of Pakistan Air Force (PAF) & Pakistan Navy.

Once Singapore Airlines pilots went on strike, Lee Kwan refused to get blackmailed, he made alternate arrangements & never again Singapore pilots went on strike.

It’s time to teach a lesson to these pilots, it’s time that people of Pakistan shame the name of these pilots. We are in a war against COVID-19, anyone on duty refusing to fight this war, is a traitor.

Coronavirus: Pakistan death toll spikes to 50

PIA pilots must learn from doctors who are paid one twentieth of a pilot’s salary, yet they are fighting this war with limited medical equipment.

Pakistani nation must not forgive these pilots. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) PIA is requested to hire new pilots and fire these traitors within 24 hours if they don’t return to their duties.

Although there are times when being a ‘Baaghi’ is a need of the hour, perhaps the airline needs to relearn when they need to exercise such rights to rebel.

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  1. Ali Azad says

    Dear writer,

    I know the facts and if I state all of these then this baseless drama will be thrown aside but that remains for the court house. Besides let me pass on the message that this media war and ppt skills will not help so much. Change your strategy, dont make a battle ground amongst your compatriats and provide the PIA employees with safe working environment, otherwise be ready to be dragged to international court by individual names, not positions.


    1. Fahad says

      Dear writer, Please get your facts straight about the pandemic first and make up your mind on who’s side are you on, The nation or the media. To sell your article you may write what ever may come in your mind is not the way to go about it. You are no better than the media channels saying what ever comes out of their mouth and believing it is true in order to raise their ratings. They don’t care what is true until it sells and same goes with you people. PIA pilots have been one of the few pilots working when ever it has been required to work for the country, may it have been in war with India or any kind of emergency that was to be dealt with and could still have until the working conditions were not safe enough to cope up anymore. They are pilots not experienced doctors but even they know that the conditions they are working in are not safe, may it be the cockpit which is not sanitized after every flight, the food which is not being served or if served is not hygienic on long haul flights which is a safety hazard as they are indeed humans just like you and need to eat and in the end for the longest time were not provided with gloves and masks until they started to take a stand. No one will work in these conditions, “jaan ha tho jahan ha bhai” as you say hire from else where. They are more sensitive about this issue and no one is flying as even if they do the familes of these pilots feel in danger when the pilot takes the virus home from this aircraft to his family. Pilots who were flying were stopped at the airport for Corona test which they are being held for over 6 hours at the airport after a long flight and then even after that are being held until the result comes, the problem is not about being tested it is that they dont have any proper procedure for it, harassing the crew and then also involving people from the media to take their videos and pictures to be sold to channels. Already a couple of pilots from PIA have tested corona positive and seeing this Who is to take the responsibility, will you as a writer. You can’t do anything but write from the safety from your while the pilots and their families suffer. Please dont write things from sitting wearing your own shoes. Go and try their shoes on for size and you will know what it’s like.

  2. MAF says

    Give me 10 million (half of what you said) and I will work.

    Please get ur facts right before publishing ur article. I work for PIA and I get 1/3 of what Emirates (which by the way is also not flying but we as PIA Pilots are) Pilot get of same year of service he also gets pension and benefits which as a PIA pilot I don’t. As compared to any in this region including Bangladesh PIA pilots Draw the lowest salaries. Please go compare before you publish fake facts.

    And none of PIA pilots refused to work. All we asked for was PPE Personal Protective Equipment as International standard.

    We were carrying our PERSONAL hand sanitizers, anti bacterial wipes and face marks (N95) PIA was suppose to provided us with that bitch they didn’t.

    Gloves provided were the one available at any Mithai Shop (thin plastic one) you really expect us to fly the aircraft at most crucial takeoff and Landinf in those which it slip can cost PIA billions leave the repo and life’s. SHAME ON YOU for not stating the facts.
    SHAME ON YOu it’s people like you work take FOC ( free of cost tickets) from PIA for such articles. (please go and check how many free tickets PIA give out to people like you)

    It’s people like you who use pressure tactics on us and make our work unsafe.

  3. One more elder says

    Just for the sack of fame you made an article on total lie and concocted figures. You should me ashamed of yourself by writing an article on the whims and wishes of others. You article clearly shows your intentions. Shame on you.

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