COVID-19: CM Sindh takes major decisions

Karachi, 11th April: Keeping the situation in view regarding COVID-19 CM Sindh had taken certain decisions whilst announcing the lockdown.

Some of those decisions were as follows:

a) No employee will be fired and he will be paid his/her salary.

b) Utility companies will defer bills to the extent of certain small end consumers.

c) Landlords will defer rent for a month.

d) Schools will charge 80% of the fee for the next 2 months.

These instructions were documented in the form of orders issued by Education, Labour and Home Departments.

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In order to bring some legal cover to these orders, Sindh Govt has proposed an Ordinance with the following points:

1. No employee will be fired and will be paid the salary as per a certain schedule. The schedule basically ensures that the small scale employees get their salaries in full and as their scale progresses, the employer may deduct a portion of their respective salaries.

2. The landlord will defer receiving rent again as per a schedule.

3. Utility companies won’t charge as per a certain slab which again focusses on giving relief people in the lower-income groups.

4. Govt will also waive certain taxes, duties, fees etc to give relief to the businesses. Some of the areas where exemptions are to be granted are:

Profession Tax
Entertainment Tax
Motor Vehicle Tax
SRB taxes
Electricity Duty

In case of non-compliance heavy fine has been proposed.

However, it is reported that businessmen and Federal Govt are not happy with this move of GoS on various grounds.

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