COVID-19: Death toll continues to rise across Pakistan

Forty-seven on-ventilator patients reported expired on 22nd December, 2020.

According to reports of Baaghi TV, the highest number of deaths dur to COVID-19 occurred in Punjab, followed closely by Sindh.

According to latest statistics released by the National Command & Operation Centre (NCOC) the highest death toll is reported in Punjab, followed by Sindh. Out of a total of 84 deaths reported on the 22nd of December, 2020, 47 died on ventilator. Meanwhile, 2,142 people tested positive for COVID-19 on 22nd December.

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According to reports, 73 patients died in hospital while 11 died out of hospital. Statistics released by the NCOC show:

Vents occupied % (4 major areas):

  • Multan – 55%
  • Lahore – 34%
  • Islamabad – 33%
  • Peshawar – 25%

Oxygen beds occupied % (4 major areas):

  • Peshawar – 60%
  • Rawalpindi – 41%
  • Multan – 39%
  • Abbottabad – 35%

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The total number of Active cases in Pakistan is reported as 37,905 as of 23rd December. Additionally, 35,621 tests were conducted. Provincial statistics show Sindh at 10, 914, Punjab at 15, 214, KP at 4,480, ICT at 3,770, Balochistan at 380, GB at 396, and AJK at 467.

It is pertinent to note that so far, 415, 352 people have recovered across Pakistan, making it a significant count. According to reports of Baaghi TV, 319 ventilators are currently in use across the country, meanwhile no patients on ventilator in the AJK, GB and Balochistan regions.

A total of 462,814 cases have been detected so far:

  • AJK – 8,040
  • Balochistan – 17,980
  • GB – 4,832
  • ICT – 36,483
  • KP – 55,811
  • Punjab – 133,179
  • Sindh – 206,489

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The death toll has reportedly reached 9,557 in Pakistan with Sindh at 3,379 (21 in-hospital, 6 out of hospital) deaths, Punjab at 3,732 (39 in-hospital, 5 out of hospital) deaths, KP at 1,563 (10 in-hospital) deaths, ICT at 394 (2 in-hospital) deaths, Balochistan at 179 deaths, GB at 99, AJK at 211 (1 in-hospital) deaths.

According to reports, 6,406,281 tests have been conducted since the outbreak, with 615 hospitals providing COVID-19 facilities to 2,931 patients admitted across the country.

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