COVID-19: Government warns the public once again

 ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister Asad Omar has once again warned the people that the threat of coronavirus has not yet been averted and the spread of the epidemic may increase again.

According to the reports, Asad Umar said that Pakistani people should not think that Coronavirus is over.

He said that prayers and Taraweeh were allowed in the mosques which was a good experience, more SOPs were taken care of in mosques as compared to markets.Now SOPs will be made in Muharram too.

Describing the government’s strategy and measures against Coronavirus as successful, Asad Omar said that our Smart Lockdown has been successful. We have adopted the Coronavirus tracing model which was successful.

The Federal Minister said that Imran Khan had the same strategy against Coronavirus from day one. Imran Khan was of the same opinion that he should look after the economy with Coronavirus, he used to say that Coronavirus cases should not increase and the poor should not suffer more.

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