COVID-19 Immunization and Public Experience

There have been a lot complaints about Government vaccination center that have been pouring in. I am aghast to learn that. Personally I have had the chance to get immunised at one of the centers of Lahore. I happened to be at railway center Walton. I have no words to express my gratitude to the Govt. For a flawless, smooth effective delivery of this national service which the staff is providing to the public.

This is a 24/7, non stop inoculation facility. The staff is very professional and respectful. I  am full of praise for them. One of the injection men, namely Shahbaz is extremely caring and ready to help to the satisfaction of the visitors. Gujrat is my city and I am not happy to hear the problems faced by our community. I wanna draw the attention of the authorities to improve the system as the elderly should be given preference without inordinate delay.

The relevant staff should be on their toes to deal with this imbroglio. The public representatives must come forward to tackle this issue at the earliest. I have heard a no of complaints and, on behalf of the citizens I now have the opportunity to request the authorities to get their act together and bring relief to my fellow citizens of Gujrat. It is a remarkable job which should not go to waste for want of a proper care and attention. The provision of this facility by the government is much appreciated and its officials hailed.


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