COVID-19: Jazz pledges PKR 1.2 billion support to the Pandemic relief

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Lahore, 8th April: To limit the negative impact of a pandemic, Pakistan’s largest digital service provider, Jazz, a VEON group company, has pledged PKR 1.2 billion support towards COVID-19 relief.

According to reports of Baaghi TV, the support will include short to mid-term initiatives, primarily for the most vulnerable communities. As part of this plan, Jazz will provide support to leading welfare organization across Pakistan.


COVID-19 tests, life-saving ventilators, and food rations to be passed on to the ones most affected by the calamity are initial steps of this program.

The relief response also facilitates Jazz customers to direct their charitable donations via SMS and JazzCash. Jazz employees will also be voluntarily contributing up to 3-days salary to the nationwide relief effort.

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As per reports, a significant part of the announced support will be for continuing zero-rated and subsidized services for access to emergency care, medical helplines, and critical health applications, these have been either marked-down or made free for customers under this coronavirus relief effort.

More support will come in the form of subsidized voice and data bundles and mobile payments. The company has also accelerated the sign-up process for JazzCash mobile wallets so that relief can be provided urgently by donors directly to local community members most impacted by this pandemic.

Aamir Ibrahim, the Jazz CEO, said, “We have been at the forefront of solving every crisis in Pakistan for the past 25 years. The COVID-19 is no exception in stepping up our national responsibility. As a digital company, we have a huge role to play in keeping the economy advancing through online connectivity. This global crisis is unprecedented in its scale, and our prayers are with those who are suffering.”

Mobile communications, access to high-speed internet, and mobile payments are declared essential services during any crisis. Jazz commits to serving its 61 million customers and anyone in need, nationwide.

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Aamir added, “It has been our experience that reliance on scientific data, developing a robust, on-ground response, and an active collaboration will lead us out of this crisis. I’m glad that in this time of uncertainty, we are working together with the government, the armed forces, federal and provincial authorities, as they tirelessly contain the spread of COVID-19.”

Even before coronavirus was declared a pandemic, Jazz began establishing nationwide awareness campaigns that allowed the country to focus on preventive measures from the coronavirus. Amidst the lockdown, the continuity of services remains a priority for Jazz to ensure that Pakistan can stay connected to both work and family.

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