COVID-19: More than 100 Pakistanis dead in the US

WASHINGTON: The pandemic is wreaking havoc across the world and has taken its severe toll on the US, where NewYork is the most affected state reporting 8,000 deaths so far.

According to reports of Baaghi TV, very tragic news from the United States is coming where more than 100 Pakistanis have reported dead due to COVID-19. It is reported that among the 8,000 dead people in NewYork, 100 were from Pakistan.


This week proved to be the deadliest for the US where the death toll almost doubled, while the number of confirmed patients exceeded 5 million.

It has infected around 17 million people across the world, with the highest number of patients appearing in the United States where 18,693 deaths have been reported so far.

In this regard, Pakistani Consul General Ayesha Ali said that information collected from hospitals, funerals and families showed that more than 100 Pakistanis were killed by the deadly virus in the New York and New Jersey areas.

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On the other hand, Pakistani embassy spokesman Zubia Masood said that “some Pakistanis have been killed in other states and are collecting information on how the outbreak affected the Pakistani American community”. Statistics show that the outbreak has had deadly effects on people of other races.

So far, the highest death rate in the Hispanic communities per cent, followed by African Americans at 28 per cent, white Americans at 27 per cent, and Asian Americans per cent.

“I am both a Pakistani and an Indian,” Consul General Ayesha Ali said, “The more information we have, the more we are concerned that the death toll will increase, our community is stronger (and) they have done more on their own.”

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She further said that food is being distributed among the weaker sections of the community and those over the age of 50 who cannot go out to buy grocery and medicines, as 90% of the deaths are reported by the same age group.

Dr Sarfraz Memon, a Pakistani-born American who recently received an award from the US Institute of Health for his services, said the use of housing and public transport in densely populated areas like New York raises the risk of being infected.

He said that in large cities, most people have a habit of eating outdoors and ‘in our desi restaurants often have poor sanitary conditions and can have dangerous effects on the food eaters there.’ People are urged to stay indoors as much as possible and keep themselves safe.

Baaghi TV urges you to play your part as a responsible citizen by staying at home to ensure the safety of yourself, your loved ones and the community.

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