COVID-19: Pandemic may subside from May onwards

Lahore, 17th April: Mubasher Lucman, on his YouTube channel shares a very interesting video today, about numerological predictions regarding coronavirus in Pakistan.

According to reports of Baaghi TV, Mubasher Lucman interviews a renowned Numerologist, Mr. Muhammad Kannan who gave hope to the nation that soon the dark clouds of distress and problem will disperse and the virus will subside.

We are passing through a tough period where economic challenges are huge, businesses are under pressure and layoff are on the card with a lockdown in effect the whole world is at a standstill. In such a time the anchor Mubasher has come on the media sharing good hope based on his astrologers and numerologists.

Muhammad Kannan is a well-known figure and in the past, he has been successful in predicting some world events based on his knowledge.

Here as well he is hopeful that the month of May will be lucky for Pakistan. According to his readings, the first case of Corona in China was reported in November and as China has 5 as its lucky number so the lockdown ended in March.

According to Kannan, number 7 is lucky for Pakistan so from May onwards things will get for Pakistan too. According to him the numerological change of month starts from the 21st of every month the and start of relief from COVID-19 is expected from tomorrow onwards. He feels total eradication will take time but things will ease out and the recovery from the virus will happen quickly.

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Answering the question of economic relief, he was positive and said he had already predicted that IMF or some other helping hand would ease out Pakistan’s issue which is already happened.

In the coming days, our exports and stocks would further improve. The world would still face the issue of Corona and recovery would be slow. America and Europe will face acute issues until the start of 2021.

In such a time of disarray, this interview is like a breeze of fresh air and sometimes a small ray of hope works as an igniting agent which is much required now.

Let’s hope and pray that Allah almighty listens to our prayers and the calculations made by Kannan are correct and we get the relief.

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