COVID-19: PM warns of more deaths this winter

London, 2nd November: Covid-19 deaths could be twice as high over the winter as they were in the first wave of the pandemic, PM Boris Johnson warns.

According to the reports from BBC News, Prime Minister Boris Johnson warns that it is expected that the death rate in the second wave of the pandemic could be higher this winter.

Johnson seeks to win support for a planned four-week lockdown in England from Thursday. But in a Commons statement, Mr Johnson will explain he was “right to try every possible option” before ordering people to stay at home.

Labour has said it will back the lockdown but criticised the delay.


Mr Johnson announced at a Downing Street news conference on Saturday that strict measures will include closing pubs, restaurants, gyms, non-essential shops and places of worship.

In his address to MPs, due in the House of Commons at about 15:30 GMT, Mr Johnson is expected to say: “Models of our scientists suggest that unless we act now, we could see deaths over the winter that are twice as bad or more compared with the first wave. Faced with these latest figures, there is no alternative but to take further action at a national level.”

From the multiple models they are all really showing unacceptable levels of death and the fact NHS services will be overwhelmed within weeks.

The prime minister is due to tell MPs that the government will “seek to ease restrictions” on 2 December and return to the current three-tier system.

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