Covid-19: Pros and Cons of a Novel Virus

COVID-19 has affected every one of us in some way. Since its onset, it has changed the way we live, think and act. Life before the pandemic was pretty ordinary & people were busy with their affairs. Most of us used to go to offices, universities, colleges, schools, etc.

It was 11 March 2020 when covid 19 was declared as a pandemic but the first case of covid-19 in Pakistan was reported on 27 February 2020 in Karachi. According to the WHO report, this deadly virus affected approximately 185291600 people around the world, and till now 4010834 casualties have been reported due to this fatal virus. These statistics show that how harmful the virus covid-19 is.

The situation regarding covid-19 in Pakistan is comparatively better than the other countries. Pakistan is ranked 3rd among 50 countries tracked by the Economist magazine for return to pre-pandemic life.
However, it has impacted people badly and it destroyed our education, business, and economic system.
Let’s briefly discuss how the coronavirus has influenced and affected in a negative and somehow also in a positive way.

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The COVID-19 has been remembered for a long long time because it has bitterly influenced all perspectives of life. Many of us lost our loved ones, many became unemployed and laborers didn’t have the opportunity to work somewhere because the lockdown was imposed. Lack of opportunities for work leads to abjure poverty which might govern them to earn by unfair means or may compel them to commit suicide.

Furthermore, due to the closure of factories and companies, there is a rise in prices of commodities which has poorly affected the stock change market, and people suffered from inflation and poverty. According to recently conducted research by the Centers for Disease, depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts increased in America by 3 and 4 times as compared with the previous level.

In addition, 41% of the reported participants have at least one mental issue. The growth in health issues can be due to social isolation, domestic violence, closure of educational institutions, and the menace of the disease(Covid-19). In Pakistan, we also saw many cases of domestic abuse, suicide, child abuse, and rape cases, etc during the lockdown.

Moreover, during this period people are attached to smartphones & artificial intelligence and social gatherings and contacts are abated.

We can, if we think we can!

On the other hand, covid 19 somehow also affected us positively. When humans suffered and the economy short down, nature flourished and prospered. On the 7th of December 2020, at the conference of the American Geophysical Union, researchers of several countries claimed that deforestation rates are decreasing, water quality is enriching and air pollution is reducing. These changes are definitely due to the closure of the manufacturer factories which are the main reason for climate change and air pollution.

Besides, The health care system is undergone and still experiencing a drastic change and pharmaceutical companies are having enormous competition to discover, develop and market medication and bring in massive profit. Additionally, companies are working in collaboration to formulate an effective and productive vaccine for the betterment of human beings.

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