COVID-19: Qatari government gives big shock to Modi government

Qatar (13th May, 2020): The Qatari government has reportedly given a major shock to the Modi government.

According to the reports of Baaghi TV, there are lockdowns in many countries of the world due to the corona virus and during the lockdown, air operations have also been suspended by several countries. However, India has operated special flights to repatriate its citizens.

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India has brought back its citizens from many countries, however, Qatar has given the Modi government a big shock. Qatar which had allowed for special flights to commence operations to repatriate its citizens to the Indian government. The Indian government had told Qatar that it wanted to bring back its citizens during the lockdown so Air India’s special flight should be allowed.

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The Qatari government allowed Indian Airlines special flights, however, when Qatar learned that the Modi government was charging 700 riyals for the return of its citizens, the Qatari government canceled the flights of Air India and said that if Indian Airlines is charging 700 Qatari Riyals instead of taking its citizens back for free in such difficult situations, then Qatar Airlines will charge even less and can repatriate Indian citizens.

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