COVID-19: Rampant violations of SOPs in notable institutions as cases rise

Lahore, 19th November: Educational Institutes, though have opened during the coronavirus pandemic, but are constantly violating the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

According to the report of Baaghi TV, some notable schools in Lahore, Pakistan are clearly not following the SOPs which the authorities have set in order to contain the spread of the coronavirus amid the second wave.

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Unfortunately, some elite schools and colleges in the city have shown irresponsible behaviour towards the handling of the coronavirus pandemic, following which the cases among students have risen and many of such institutes are getting closed.

Convent Jesus And Mary:

The so-called dignified school ‘Convent Jesus And Mary’ in Lahore has shown the utmost careless behaviour in this regard. How can they not be careful about the health of our children and easily plan a bake-sale despite the government’s order for banning the gatherings?

A video has surfaced social media where girls from Convent Jesus and Mary are seen in close contact and dancing and celebrating the bake-sale held at school premises. Is this how the best of our schools going to show how to handle a crisis? And what are they doing by exposing kids to such an environment when everyone is trying to keep away from gatherings?

LGS Johar Town Branch:

Similarly, another big name among the schools is Lahore Grammar School for Boys (Johar Town Branch), where the boys were seen not following the rule of social distancing.

From the picture, it is quite evident that the LGS JT branch couldn’t make the boys follow the safety rule of social distancing and failed to keep them at a safe distance of 6 feet apart. After such a reckless attitude some boys got infected with COVID-19 and hence, the school got closed for two weeks as of now.

Lahore College For Women University:

We have another dignified college that failed to make its students follow the required SOPs. Lahore College for Women University (LCWU) committed the first crime by allowing the cafeteria to open on campus, however, the government had strictly banned the opening of canteens in schools and colleges.

Secondly, the college couldn’t make its students follow the rules of social distancing. The picture clearly shows how close everyone is standing. With this careless behaviour, how can we not expect the coronavirus graph to go upwards?

Many other schools have been shut down in Lahore despite government’s order to strictly follow the SOPs. It is being observed that students, especially of the middle and higher classes and above, are not following the SOPs.

They mingle together, shake their hands and obviously can’t keep themselves from their friends at safe distance apart. As a result, schools and colleges when opened can’t make the students observe rules strictly.

If private schools are so adamant to open their campuses just to get their institutes rolling with money then they should at least provide safety for the students as well.

Parents are too concerned with the current situation and demand the closure of all the institutes across the country. Remote or distant learning should be adopted at the moment.

Baaghi TV earlier reported that on Thursday there were a total of 32,005 active cases recorded and 2,547 more people tested positive for the deadly virus during the last 24 hours, with 18 deaths recorded so far.

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