COVID-19: Super powers angered on China’s facade

China, 1st April: Health experts have been repeatedly telling people specifically Chinese about the harms of viruses present in the animals that can ravage the human species.

As per reports, the virologists have been time and again informing Chinese about a lethal virus that will unleash and threaten the global pandemic, but even then the Chinese restaurants and markets were seen offering lizards, rats, and endangered animals.

When the nightmare came true and the pandemic erupted in Wuhan last year in December, the Chinese doctors were punished and persecuted initially for reporting the virus and some of them even died.

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According to reports this weekend, the British government has been told the Chinese may have lied about the extent of their own outbreak by a factor of 40. It seemed that the Chinese government adopted the Kremlin-style disinformation campaign and reported the fake numbers to the world. This misled the countries and slowed down the process elsewhere to prepare for the virus.

China’s foreign minister tweeted about the possibility that the “US military brought the virus to Wuhan”.
Its online mouthpiece, the Global Times, reported that Italy may be to blame, producing no evidence whatsoever for the irresponsible claim.

China is likely going to face a public catastrophe which will deepen with the passage of time. Most of the countries globally are under lockdown, their economies frozen and the country where the virus erupted has lied and misinformed the world.

The so-called medical supplies sent by the Chinese authorities to the countries have been rejected by many on being sub-standard and potentially harmful to use.

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There is rising anger among the British and the American government on Chinese conduct. They will review their relations with China with the increasing pressure caused by the pandemic.

The British government may have to rethink about the controversial decision to allow Chinese telephone company Huawei and its role in building the UK’s 5G network.

In America, the Trump administration has wasted no time using China as a scapegoat for a crisis that threatens its re-election. Trump and his officials have been quick enough to name COVID-19 as the ‘Wuhan or China virus’, where it is thought to have originated.

As the death toll mounts that is likely to remain the strategy for the election in November.

The world may need its two greatest powers working together to bring this pandemic under control, but there is little sign of that happening for now.

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