COVID-19: What is KSA doing to get the vaccine?

Lahore, 20th November: How Saudi Arabia is trying to get the coronavirus vaccine?

Baaghi TV: The coronavirus vaccine is now in the final stages and the countries of the world have begun to strive for it.

 Dr Abdullah Al-Rubayeh, the superintendent of the King Salman Relief Center in Saudi Arabia, said that the results regarding the coronavirus vaccine were “very encouraging.”

Regarding the distribution of the vaccine, Dr Al-Rubayeh said that “there is a strong hope that the distribution of the coronavirus vaccine will begin before the end of December this year.”

Dr Al-Rubayeh added in his statement that “Saudi Arabia has been financing the development and research of the coronavirus vaccine.”

He added that Saudi Arabia always works on the basis of human compassion. The state has no political agenda for relief work. “We work with the United Nations to carry out humanitarian work.”

“The Houthi militia looted the aid supplies sent by the centre and sold them on the black market,” he said, referring to aid in Yemen.

“We will continue to help those in need in areas under the control of the Houthi militia in Yemen,” he added.

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