COVID-19: World’s fastest Corona Vaccine Underway


Positive news among the pandemic crisis is shared by British scientists from Oxford University regarding the much-awaited vaccine.

According to reports of Baaghi TV, 500 people in the world have been tested against the fastest vaccine for coronavirus. Reportedly, British scientists have hired 500 volunteers to develop the world’s fastest vaccine against the novel coronavirus.

Oxford University is working on the vaccine and 500 volunteers aged between 18 and 55 have been hired for a human trial starting next week.

The British University has hired volunteers for early and mid-stage clinical trials on a large humanoid, which will stimulate the human immune response to the new novel coronavirus using harmless and modified viruses. It will continue until the middle of next month, with a total of 510 volunteers divided into 5 groups.

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Researcher Professor Sarah Gilbert said the technology being used to manufacture the vaccine is already being used to treat 10 different types. However, different test groups from different countries are needed regarding the coronavirus in order to ensure accurate results.

The research team is also seeking additional funding for large-scale vaccine preparation because it wants mass production after 6 months of human trials. The idea behind it is to make this vaccine effective for humans and its production will begin in the autumn. During this period the final trial on 5,000 people will be completed and medical workers can start using it by September.

In fact, Oxford University is committed to producing one million doses of the vaccine by September. This idea may seem impossible in such a short period of time, but the Oxford University team has been preparing for such type of vaccine since the beginning of the outbreak of the coronavirus.

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