COVID-19, Wuhan possibly not the epicenter of outbreak?

According to reports of Baaghi TV, World Health Organization (WHO) has reportedly discovered the possibility that Wuhan is not the origin epicenter of the novel Coronavirus, COVID-19. 

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According to an article published in The Telegraph, WHO which is largely considered to be a leading expert in emerging diseases, has led to the possibility that COVID-19 could have had its origin in Southeast Asia or Southern China rather than Wuhan, China. Albeit, the virus was first discovered in Wuhan.

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It is estimated that over approximately 1.2 million people have died since the outbreak started, late last year. A Singapore-based renowned biologist, Wang Linfa, are striving to find the source of the COVID-19 virus to ensure that it cannot wreak havoc in the future.

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According to reports, Wang while talking about the central Chinese region where the virus was first experienced by thousands, said that it is almost “impossible to imagine” it came from Wuhan. He elaborated, “My theory is Southern China or Southeast Asia”.

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It is to be noted that while the spread was initially associated with a consumption of bats, Prof. Wang Linfa discussed how the “bat density and bat diversity” known for carrying the virus “is much increased in neighboring countries and in [the] Guangxi province”.

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According to reports, Professor Wang is working to pioneer a “new frontline weapon” which screens animals and/or humans for a possible “prior infection”. This procedure which has been published in Nature Biotechnology in July, makes use of the human and viral proteins to test blood samples for antibodies.

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Professor Wang hopes that it will enable the identification of “intermediate hosts” which may have helped the virus becoming deadly during its transmission from bats to people. “My test is going to be used as a frontline screening tool and so we are already going to do testing on samples from Southeast Asia, South America, the Middle East, Africa, United States,” he said.

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He feels that the true origins of the virus might lie in the trading of wildlife, and added that much of the Chinese import is “from a wide geographic range”.

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It is believed that Professor Wang’s hypothesis may receive wide-ranging criticism from parties hoping to blame China for COVID-19, however, the theory is rooted in scientific knowledge. According to The Telegraph, Professor Wang Linfa’s earlier work has proved instrumental in tracing the 2003 epidemic to horseshoe bats in Southwest, China.

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Moreover, as the origin of the virus is being politicized, it is proving to be a major hindrance in progress towards curbing the Corona virus. Professor Wand stated, “If world leaders have the will, put in the money… and they don’t talk about politics” then the chances of working through the virus will be more likely as “there are a lot of preconditions” at the moment.

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President of the US-based organization, EcoHealth Alliance, Dr. Peter Daszak, is known for conducting researching on global health and is in support of Professor Wang’s theory that the search for the true origin of the novel virus, needs to be widened.

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Talking about the transmission from bats to humans, Dr. Daszak said, “How it got from a bat to the Huanan seafood market is the question,” he said. He elaborated that “evidence suggests that rural populations are the ones that get exposed. The sorts of people who get exposed are people who live near bat caves or who go into bat caves.”

Dr. Daszak suggested that the bats carrying the Sars-CoV-2 are horseshoe bats which are native to China, Southeast Asia, Indian Subcontinent including Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar and Vietnam. He added that “we don’t have the same mentality for emerging diseases as we do for terrorism”.

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Moreover, he added that the global community has the tendency to wait for the pandemics to happen before we start working to get a vaccine. Dr. Peter Daszak continued that this approach is unhealthy as we need to constantly work on acquiring intelligence on the ground and learn from past outbreaks so we can better predict future pandemics.

It is pertinent to note that the the number of patients in Pakistan has been steadily increasing since the second wave of Corona started. In the last 24 hours, there have been 34 deaths from corona in Pakistan. Meanwhile, 1,808 new patients have emerged. The total number of deaths from corona in Pakistan has risen to 7,055. Meanwhile, the number of confirmed cases of Corona in Pakistan has reached 349,992.

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Dr. Faisal Sultan, Special Assistant for Health, said that the second wave of corona virus has gradually started in Pakistan. To deal with the second wave, SOPs will have to be strictly adhered to. By taking precautions we can deal with the second wave of Corona.

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