Covid Cases in Tokyo


TOKYO, March 4 (Xinhua/APP): Tokyo on Thursday reported 279 new daily COVID-19 cases, bringing the cumulative total of infections in the capital since the start of the pandemic in Japan to 112,624.

The latest figure compares to 316 new cases reported the previous day and 232 new infections confirmed on Tuesday, according to the Tokyo Metropolitan government’s figures.

The seven-day average, the local government said, stood at 269.1 infections, which was 96.2 percent of the previous week, exceeding the 90 percent mark for the second straight day.

The average remained higher than the metropolitan government’s aim to keep the seven-day average below 70 percent of the previous week, with concerns remaining about the slowing pace of decline in new infections.

Of the 279 new COVID-19 cases in the capital Thursday, the majority were aged in their 20s, followed by patients aged in their 30s.

The third-highest age category comprised those in their 40s followed by those aged in their 50s, the local government and health officials said.

In terms of patients designated as being “seriously ill” and typically requiring hospitalization and the assistance of ventilators or extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) machines, officials said the latest figure stood at 51, compared to 52 the previous day.

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