‘Covid Curry’ and ‘Mask Naan’ A new Dish

With the coronavirus pandemic not taking a backseat, businesses and different services across the world are coming up with their own eccentric ways to spread awareness. In such a situation, a restaurant in Jodhpur has come up with their new and unique cornona-themed dishes.

The Vedic multi-cuisine restaurant is selling ‘Covid Curry’ and ‘Mask Naan’ to its customers.

The Covid Curry is basically malai kofta with koftas made in the shape of the coronavirus and the Mask Naan is a facemask-shaped naan.

The restaurant said, “Your health and safety is our top priority. We are taking full measures on hygiene and sanitation with take away offering at out outlet. We have introduced touch less menu, social distancing and other safety procedure at our restaurant.

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