CPR Training to Curtail Risk of Death by Heart Attack

ISLAMABAD, Oct 12 (APP): Pakistan National Heart Association (PANAH) General Secretary Sanaullah Ghumman on Monday said smoking, increased consumption of sweets and fats are leading causes of heart diseases.

Addressing the participants of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) workshop organised by Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission General Hospital, he said unhealthy food and other factors causing heart diseases should be discouraged by sensitising the citizens about their adverse impact.

A large number of Atomic Energy Commission General Hospital representatives, including Director Brigadier Junaid, CPR Director Dr. Shahnaz, senior and junior doctors, nurses and paramedics and other staff were present and more than 80 people trained during cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) workshop, said a press release.

CPR Director (PANAH) Dr. Shahnaz during the session trained the staff of more than 80 and also made practical observations to show how human lives can be saved by giving first aid. Training has been declared necessary for every public and special individual. PANAH General Secretary Sanaullah Ghumman said that saving human lives means saving the whole of humanity.

PANAH was founded in 1984, the purpose of which was to make the general public aware about heart diseases. It may be surprising to learn that at first every 10 minutes, then 6 minutes and now every minute and a half, a human life is being lost due to a heart attack. We need to make exercise a routine with a healthy natural diet to avoid serious heart diseases, avoid heart-damaging factors, smoking, sugary drinks and fats.

On the occasion, Brigadier Junaid, Director, Pak Atomic Energy Commission General Hospital, lauded the efforts of Panah and said that PANAH has always provided awareness to protect people from heart disease, for which we are grateful. Conducting workshops to save lives is welcome, and basic awareness is essential for every individual, so that human lives can be saved. The participants termed the one-day workshop as very effective and said that such informational workshops should be held in future also.

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