Cricket Board starts Campaign against Corruption, Najam Sethi in trouble


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Javid Badar says that he has started campaign against corruption in the Pakistan Cricket Board, which is because of our team.

Javed Badar said that Najam Sethi is Imran Khan and PTI’s biggest enemy, who has done billions of corruption in cricket board, and currently Ahsan Mani, his friend, is protecting him. In past, Javed Badar has been giving statements against Najam Sethi.

Javed Badar has written a letter to Prime Minister Imran Khan, which has been asked to form a judicial commission for the financial examination of cricket board so that the cricket board can be cleared of corruption.

PTI leader Javed Badar wrote the letter to Najam Sethi last year, in which he was asked for a PSL finances. The text of the letter stated that Najam Sethi had destroyed the Pakistan Cricket Board. He said that Najam Sethi does not know the technical ABC of International cricket. He also wrote that Najam Sethi played with the emotions of Pakistani people for his millions of corruption and for this, Javed Badar wanted his full accountability.

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