Criminal negligence at Gorakh Hill

Gorakh hill station is also called the ‘Murree of Sindh’. Located in district Dadu at an elevation of around 5600ft above sea level and one of the highest and beautiful places in the Sindh province.

First and foremost, this place is full of adventure, sceneries and excursion. Moreover, due to tourism spot it can become a great source of the revival of economy for Sindh. However, unluckily enough, no such serious steps have been taken to improve upon the infrastructure for visitors.

In this regard, the attractive infrastructure of tourism must be ameliorated, new roads can be laid, telecommunications network issues should be resolved, and most importantly, the law and order situation should be improved so that people may travel to Gorakh Hill Station without any fear. However, one surprising factor is that Government of Sindh had established an authority viz Gorakh hills. It is indispensable to note that government allocates surplus budget to the authority annually so that adornment and better environment and facilities could be provide to tourists. On the contrary, the question arises that where budget is being spent because no significant improvements have been made in the area.

If Murree is the Queen Hills, then Gorakh Hills is a lonely Majestic King. What an immense beauty! I wonder how such a scenic place could be ignored by the tourism department.

The negligence of Sindh Government is crystal clear. Additionally, PPP is claiming falsely that it has developed Gorakh as Murree. However, their development can be judged by the fact that they even have not even constructed the road safely. How will they develop the entirety of Gorakh itself? The road to Gorakh is fraught with danger. Every year it takes many lives, but Gorakh Hill authority is doing absolutely nothing except slumbering.

In the fiscal year 2016-2017 80 million rupees were granted for Gorakh Hills to development authority. It is quite disheartening to say that not even a single penny of the budget has spent on it. Gorakh is as it was decades ago except, a highly rated restaurant and rest-house is built. That too is not built to facilitate the average tourist.

Although it is another source of earning, as the owner, and workers are the people of PPP, and they have strictly prohibited the local residents to not establish any restaurant or shop. They do not have any other source of earning. Neither Gorakh Hill authority provides them the opportunity to work nor does the authority allow them to establish their source of income themselves. There is not even any facility to deal with emergencies if any tourist falls sick or comes to any harm. There is not even a dispensary to provide basic medication or first aid.

Gorakh hill is a tourism spot and can be a great means for the revival of the local economy. It can enhance employment opportunities for the residents of Gorakh hill and the surrounding areas. Therefore, there is precious little time that concerned authorities should seriously look into this matter to turn Gorakh Hills Station into an attractive spot for tourists.


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