Criminal pilots involved in the downfall of PIA

Unionism, a major factor behind PIA’s bleeding - PALPA President and General Secretary EXPOSED!!

There was a time when Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) operated its flights worldwide, covering the entire domestic landscape and international destinations spread over 4 continents.

At that time PIA was considered to be the leading airline of the world offering best services and the most well-mannered staff. The problems with PIA like many other Pakistani Institutions and company is intervention of Political Leadership in its affairs.

Moreover, associations like Pakistan Airlines Pilots’ Association (PALPA) formed pressure groups to enforce their illegitimate demands on the administration without any constitutional status. PALPA has been engaging in dirty politics by blackmailing the PIA management and coercing them into stopping flights aimed at bringing back the citizens stranded abroad amid COVID-19.

All you need to know about PALPA
PALPA: Anti-state, bloodsucking union

According to sources of Baaghi TV, PALPA General Secretary (GS) Imran Khursheed Narejo has failed the “Check Pilot Test” conducted on March 13th, 2020.

According to the details, Captain Narejo was examining the flying skills of first officer Ilyas Butt on Airbus A-320. The check test report about Captain Narejo has been prepared by the Director Flights Standards (DFS), Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). The report highlights Narejo’s questionable flying capabilities, suggesting that he doesn’t know how to check the radar, nor does he have any idea about determining the guard frequency.

The report also states that the captain does not check the Flight Control unit (FCU) frequently, nor does he know how to adjust the cabin temperature: during the test he put the temperature at 20 degree centigrade, while it’s supposed to at 26 degrees. He also failed to answer about the minimum equipment list, and had to call in an engineer for help.

Can PALPA deny these facts?

Worse still, the PALPA secretary did not even bother checking the aircraft’s log book, which surprised everyone around.

According to our sources, no action was taken by Standards and Training Department of CAA since they could not move an inch without asking PALPA which had stranglehold the management. It is worth-mentioning that the inquiry of fake licenses is in progress since 2018.

Was PALPA not knowing about this? If they were knowing then why didn’t they raise their voice to the management that these pilots should be stopped from flying as they were a potential threat for the safety.

On Oct 03, 2018, Captain Chaudhry Salman Riaz (ATPL – 1288) was removed from his flight duties with immediate effect by the Civil Aviation Authority. However, it is to be noted that right after a week his flying duties were resumed on the orders of DFS CAA, Captain Balban Sabir.

PALPA must be abolished or legalized now!
PALPA Exposed !

Captain Chaudhry Salman Riaz is currently the President of PALPA. The CAA’s letter regarding the resumption of flying duties stated that, ‘the gravity of this violation by you is sharp that warrants severe punishment, however, your statement and personal appearance have been accorded due to consideration and lenient view is being taken.”

The corruption and irregularities were revealed which disclosed that some officers have been appointed on top-level posts setting all rules and regulations aside.

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Limited flight details are being released maliciously: Spokesperson PALPA

Pakistan International Airlines has a long history of pilot high handedness incidents and their need to demand absolute allegiance from the other lowlifes. It is nothing but a sorry state that warrants some deep soul searching if PALPA is running rogue at this crucial juncture or there is something much more sinister at play here.

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