Crops destroyed by locusts attack in sindh

As monsoon season comes to its end and heavy rains allowed green vegetation to flourish in Thar and sukkar.Thousands of locusts entered in Chachro and Dalhi Desert, destroying a number of agricultural crops.

Thousands of locusts groups have attacked cluster beans (gawar), split green gram (moong), pearl millet (bajra) crops in Chachro,Sukkar,thar and other rural areas of sindh province.

Agriculture Minister of province Sindh Mohammad Ismail Rahu reached at the spot  and view the crops destroyed by locusts and ordered the district authorities to spray insecticides to protect the crops. But farmers wants an emergency should be declared in the area to successfully  reduce the locust invasion. They also want compensation of their destroyed crops.

However, the agriculture minister said it was the fedral government responsibility to work on plant production.

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