CSS student kidnapped, another case of Femicide

CSS student kidnapped, another case of Femicide

Lahore: Another case of Femicide; Dr. Hina Sikander posts on Instagram, DMs of a conversation she had with her student who was kidnapped on her way back home after buying books for CSS. 

In the last few months, femicide has been raging on in the country, yet there is no accountability for it. Just recently, a woman, student of CSS, was ambushed in her car by an armed man. The man asked the woman, who has chosen to remain anonymous, to call her friend and ask for PKR 10 lacs.

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The friend then contacted the woman’s family members and the police. While everyone was busy looking for the missing, the man was making her drive around the city. On inquiring why he was doing this, he replied:

“I want this money so, I can make women like you, who go out to study and work, sit at home, where they belong.” 

This alone scared the CSS student beyond bounds. To be alone with an armed man, in a car at almost 8:00 pm in the night is something no woman should ever experiences, says the society. The woman describes an instance of harassment as well, when she mentions the kidnapper rubbed his gun on her back.

Eventually, it is stated that the woman had her phone with her, since the kidnapper didn’t make any calls himself. Therefore, she managed to stay in contact with the police to tell them where she was. Right after, they reached “Rising Kids School System”, the man sent her to collect the money.

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The woman says:

“I had to cross four main roads, and a huge roadside park which was under the flyover.”

The source states that the woman ended up being found by her father and fiancé, while the police and Dolphin Force tried to take credit for it. She also mentions how, despite the femicide, her father has always promoted his three daughters in doing everything they have wanted. To this, Dr. Hina says:

“My heart warmed up when I read about her father empowering his daughters and her fiancée being a support system. Indeed, there are good men around us but please understand that evil men are here too.”

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