PIA to start flight operations to United Kingdom

After Britain’s announcement regarding removing Pakistan from the red list, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has decided to start flight operations to the United Kingdom (UK).

According to the details, the national flag carrier is going to operate chartered flights to the UK after Pakistan was out of the red list. PIA will operate flights from Islamabad to Manchester and London which will be operated by a chartered company.

The British government has announced changes to the travel advisory to remove Pakistan from the red list. The UK Secretary of Transportation said that eight other countries, including Pakistan, have been removed from the red list. The decision will take effect on September 22, 2021 at 4:00 am (local time).

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It should be noted that the British government had introduced a travel restriction to curb the spread of coronavirus, under which different countries were being included in the green, amber and red list.

There is no ban on those coming to the UK from the countries on the Green List, while there is a ten-day quarantine ban on those coming from the countries included in the Amber List.

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However, those who have received both doses of the vaccine are not subject to quarantine. Similarly, those on the red list are subject to a ten-day quarantine at the hotel, with the exception of diplomats and critically ill people.

Surprisingly, despite the spread of the disease and the high number of deaths in India, the British government had removed India from the red list, after which the people began to criticize the government’s decision.

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