CTIs Will get Full Pay According to Contract

Clarification issued

Baaghi TV Lahore Special Report: In a clarification notice, the Punjab Higher Education Department (HED) has directed that CTIs (College Teaching Interns) will receive full salary according to their contract period. Copies of the notice will be sent to the Accountant General Punjab and District Account Officers, so that the confusion regarding salary in these offices can be removed. Since the past few weeks, speculation had been rife regarding whether the CTIs will be paid according to their term of contract or whether their pay will be blocked due to colleges closing down for the corona pandemic. The blocking of the salaries on the part of certain Account Officers had also been reported. In the notice issued on 18th June it has been said that the Department of Higher Education has clarified that in order for a contract to be dissolved it is necessary that both parties give notice one month prior. Apart from that they mentioned that it had been counted as summer vacations for the time ending on 31st May. The CTIs had been willing to report for duty but could not do so due to the corona pandemic. Additionally people are suffering from financial worries in the wake of corona. For these reasons that CTIs will be paid for their term of contract.

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