Cyber scammer in India arrested after stealing INR2.5 billion from victims

June 9, 2021: In a recent instance of cybercrime, the accused, who claimed to have doubled his money through a mobile app, looted Rs 2.5 billion in four months. When the citizens reached the police after the robbery, the police registered a case and arrested the accused, after which horrific revelations came to light. 

The incident took place in India where the Uttarakhand police told the media that the accused had created a mobile app and in just four months the app had been downloaded by 5 million people. The accused doubled the amount through the app in just 15 days. The accused marketed the app and those who downloaded the app were led to believe they would make a profit out of it.

Police said that a citizen informed the police about the accused that he had deposited Rs 1.5 lakh through the app and after 15 days he was supposed to get double amount but we did not get double amount after which a case was registered against the accused and Police launched an operation, during the investigation it was revealed that the accused has accumulated more than two and a half billion rupees and thousands of citizens have been robbed. The accused not only robbed Indian nationals but also foreign nationals through this app. He also reached out to the people and promised to give them loans. Initially, the accused gave double money to the people.

According to the police, accused Pawan Pandey has been arrested. Nineteen laptops, 592 mobile SIMs, 5 mobile phones, ATM card and passport have been recovered from the possession of the accused. Investigations are underway in this regard, Indian intelligence agency RAW has also been informed.

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