Cyberwarfare, propaganda & its place in the digital world

In today’s world of automation and propaganda, propaganda is considered to be the most important weapon. Regrettably, no action is taken by the international community against countries that pose a threat to regional and global peace and security by taking such steps. That is why many countries are causing a lot of problems by spreading propaganda through fake news. And India is one of the countries that use social media to spread fake news.

The Modi regime of India is spreading anti-Pakistan propaganda through fake news to sabotage Pakistan’s efforts in the Afghan peace process. It also has the support of the Afghan government. According to the information that came to light in this regard, 65% of the tweets through which the demand for sanctions on Pakistan was made came from boot machines.

The G5 Internet Observatory, an organization that monitors fake news, has unveiled the whole story of India’s heinous game, which has once again thwarted India’s attempt to throw dust in the eyes of the world. According to a report by the G5 Internet Observatory, India and Afghanistan have been involved in propagating against Pakistan on Twitter for the past few days.

It is a matter of fact that, the Fake Twitter accounts spread fake news against Pakistan and the Pakistan Army, which was later spread with the help of official Twitter accounts in India and Afghanistan. The international organizations and the international community are aware of this whole situation and they have received solid evidence in this regard many times.

It is pertinent to note here that, it is not the first time the Indian conspiracy has been exposed, but also the conspiracies of India’s fabricated anti-Pakistan propaganda also had been exposed earlier this year by EU DisinfoLab. Let’s review, how pro-India networks ‘spread disinformation’.

It is well-known to everyone, India never misses an opportunity to propagate against Pakistan. Recently, the secret of Indian false propaganda against Pakistan has come to light. Never before in the world has such a well-organized and large-scale propaganda network been exposed. EU DisinfoLab’s report is a unique event of its kind that had shocked the whole world. It can also be called the Fifth Generation Warfare. What is being done? The global propaganda against Pakistan has been going on for the last fifteen years, not just a few weeks and months.

The European Union (EU) DisinfoLab has exposed India’s fake news. According to the report, Sri Vastu Group and Indian Chronicles had been chanting against Pakistan for years. It was an India-pro-network. They propagated against Pakistan in a very organized manner. The network was carried out as systematic propaganda against Pakistan through fake NGOs, some obsolete NGOs accredited by the United Nations, dead persons, fake individuals, and 750 fake news websites.

False news and reports against Pakistan were also being provided internationally through the Indian news agency ANI. No one bothered to confirm this negative news. This propaganda has benefited India and harmed Pakistan’s interests. India has used digital media extensively against Pakistan. India had also provided some of Pakistan’s friendly countries with fabricated and self-made reports which were first disseminated around the world through its network, then kept these fake reports against Pakistan as evidence.

The propaganda against Pakistan would have continued if the EU DisinfoLab had not uncovered this secret Indian network in its report. The report shocked not only the European Union but also UN agencies. It is the result of cyber warfare that minorities in India, including Muslims, Christians, and Sikhs, are being targeted with prejudice and hatred, but India is not among the countries violating religious freedom, while minorities in India are currently being persecuted at the state level. Specific laws are being made, for which the land of India has been narrowed. Minorities have been made, the second citizens. It is true that Indian Prime Minister Modi and the Indian Establishment have become a threat not only to the minorities living in their country but to the whole world.

The Sri Vastu Group defamed Pakistan to divert attention from India. According to independent analysts, there is a strong possibility that the Indian state agencies and the Indian intelligence agency RAW are behind all this network. Because No individual or NGO can do this alone. The resources provided are possible only at the state level. Of course, India is involved in all the projects. India has emerged as an irresponsible state after this scandal.

The world has changed and the style of warfare in the world has also changed. Now, instead of missile and tank wars, cyber warfare is being waged on computers and the internet. He who has successfully propagated against the enemy has won. Now, the most important question is what does India want and what is the purpose of all this propaganda against Pakistan? The straightforward answer to this is what every Pakistani knows, India’s aim is to weaken and destabilize Pakistan and discredit Pakistan’s role in the Afghan peace process.

India has been trying for a long time to impose various kinds of sanctions on Pakistan. Sometimes an issue is raised and sometimes another. On the one hand, it has started cyberattacks against Pakistan, and on the other hand, it has started to set up a new game in Afghanistan, where a double game is being played to derail the Afghan peace process. India has opened many fronts against Pakistan. But it is facing defeat on all fronts.

In this cyber world, cyber wars are taking place, now new wars are not being fought on the field like traditional wars, but they are being fought on the screen, on news channels, on computers, and on our cell phones. You can simply call it the world of the cyber world or the internet. People’s minds are being changed. If you have succeeded in changing the minds of a nation or a group through propaganda, then this is the greatest achievement in the new world. We can also call it Fifth Generation Warfare.

In today’s world, social media or digital media cannot be separated from fifth-generation warfare. These are two sides of the same coin, that is, one goal. The purpose of cyber warfare is to weaken Pakistan and to create suspicion and frustration in the hearts of the Pakistani nation and break their hearts and minds. This is the beginning of the cyberwar, its end, and its outcome, no predictions can be made at this time, but it has been decided that the first frontal cyberwar between the countries will take place.

On the other hand, if independent NGOs and research institutes do little research, they can reach the influential segments of the Indian propaganda against Pakistan in the FATF. How fake reports have been prepared to discredit Pakistan. How India is throwing dust in the eyes of the international community. International institutions also have to fulfill their responsibilities now.

The UN agencies have to take this whole issue seriously that, The Indian Establishment has been spreading propaganda against Pakistan through Sri Vastu Group, Indian Chronicles, Ghost NGOs, and fake news websites. Is it continued? How many fake news websites have been blocked so far? How many NGOs have been cracked down on? Are the UN agencies taking any steps to prevent such tactics in the future?

However, those NGOs, fake websites, and personalities who have been making money from the Indian establishment and spreading propaganda against Pakistan and any other country should be banned. They should be blacklisted forever. Despite all facts, some countries have remained silent only because they have business interests with India and they sell their goods in India’s big market. But how long will this double standard last? The world will ultimately have to prioritize human blood and basic human rights over business interests, and that time will surely come. Now is the time for the international community to go beyond mere rhetoric and take regular action against India to stop it from its nefarious activities.

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